Promoting Cross-Sector Partnerships

At TechEd, we believe cooperation among government, industry and healthcare providers is an essential ingredient in improving patient care. Our experience in a wide variety of settings uniquely positions TechEd to assist clients in developing and fostering cross-sector collaborations.

Operating independently of any single interest, TechEd brings an outside perspective to the table, as well as critical knowledge of government, industry and healthcare perspectives on medical issues.


TechEd's history of interaction with federal and state institutions make us an ideal partner for any government agency—such as the Food and Drug Administration or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—involved in pulmonary function research. Our government services range from training and program development to equipment testing and data evaluation.

TechEd President and CEO Susan Blonshine has more than 30 years experience working with government contracts. She currently serves as a consultant for government agencies and in educational roles at Michigan State University


TechEd has gained a reputation for quality in our support of companies developing new drugs and devices. We have experience working with both small businesses and large multinational corporations around the world.

We can assist with any phase of a drug trial—from identifying laboratory sites, to monitoring equipment and results during the trial, to evaluating data quality in already-completed tests.


TechEd's network of Registered Respiratory Therapists are all healthcare professionals, and have decades of experience assisting their colleagues in hospital, clinic and laboratory settings.

TechEd has the expertise to train healthcare personnel in pulmonary function testing techniques, and can provide independent comparisons and evaluations in equipment selection. We also offer a variety of educational programs that qualify for continuing education credit.

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NIOSH Spirometry Course Provider

TechEd is an approved provider of the NIOSH spirometry course. We specialize in small group onsite training. Contact us to inquire.

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