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At TechEd, we believe that education is the key to improving outcomes for healthcare professionals and their patients the world over. Our expertise and experience in pulmonary function testing techniques makes us a natural choice for education. Best of all, you can learn on your own terms, from the comfort of your home or office.

We currently offer training videos and educational webcasts through our website. We are continually enhancing our repertoire of professional training resources. Please check back frequently for new titles and opportunities.

Educational Webcasts

Our educational webcasts provide a unique personal training experience, without the added cost or inconvenience of travel. With our live webcasts, you'll get a hands-on training experience while training on your own equipment. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from our highly trained staff. With our previously broadcast webcasts, you'll get to experience the entire session, including question and answer sessions at your leisure—you can even download the broadcast. Check back frequently for new additions.

Previously Broadcast Topics

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Training Videos

Our online training videos are a convenient way to access comprehensive training from any location. You can repeat a lesson you don't understand, and even pause your training to take a lunch break.

Available Titles

Training Service Levels

  1. Level 1 Online Access


    Subscription-based, single site service with 30 days access to the following:

    • Online video training of your choice
    • Companion PDF manual
    • Minor online Technical support

    Bulk site licensing available—call now for a custom quote!

  2. Level 2 Group Programs

    Everything from Level 1, PLUS group training at one of TechEd's many training venues.

    This option also includes additional, personalized Technical support.

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  3. Level 3 On-Site Support

    Everything from Level 1, PLUS on-site training at the venue of your choice. On-site support also includes:

    • Review of simulation data
    • On-site evaluation of technician performance, device performance, and software operation
    • Technical support

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New Feature

NIOSH Spirometry Course Provider

TechEd is an approved provider of the NIOSH spirometry course. We specialize in small group onsite training. Contact us to inquire.

Featured Topic

Bronchial Provocation

Let us help you navigate the procedural challenges of performing bronchoprovocation with methacholine.

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